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World of Coffee Dublin
(23-25 June 2016), owned and organised by SCAE, will be the venue for the first ever Sustainability Forum, a new feature which should bring added value to what is already Europe’s premier speciality coffee event.

The new Sustainability Forum is to become the hub for discussion at World of Coffee, with key talks on the economic, environmental and social challenges that the industry faces with regard to sustainability, as well as debate, innovation and knowledge sharing throughout the event.

According to SCAE: „The coffee community has a responsibility to the industry and a large number of SCAE members have already made enormous strides in protecting the industry for generations to come so that they too can enjoy this wonderful commodity.“

The creation of a Sustainability Policy is just the beginning of an exciting road ahead for us working towards new initiatives, each designed to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, research and innovation for the general benefit of everyone working in the industry. We are very excited to be leading this initiative and making this idea a reality and the hope is that we all will be inspired to implement change within our own organisation. Our community is a very proactive one and we all have a desire to help and educate and doing this at World of Coffee is the perfect environment.’, according to Alberto Polojac, Chair of the International Development Committee of SCAE;

Secondly SCAE states: Ireland is home to one of the world’s most sustainable food industries and visitors to World of Coffee Dublin will be able to learn from some of the pioneering food businesses who are at the forefront of sustainability on this island. The Speciality Food Hall, supported by the Irish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance (IFSA), will be located next to the Sustainability Forum, providing visitors with easy access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Surrounding the main stage area, several of the world’s leading associations and charities in sustainability will be on hand to discuss ground breaking trends from other industries and market sectors and share some of the lessons they have learned.

Sustainability Awards

Europe’s No. 1 Coffee Event, which will see thousands of people from more than 100 countries converge on Dublin, will also feature SCAE’s latest awards programme, the Sustainability Awards where hard work and creativity will be recognised along with acknowledging the difference that SCAE members have already made towards ensuring the coffee industry and its impact on the world are more sustainable than before. Details of the Sustainability Awards, including how to nominate and vote will shortly be released by SCAE – scae.com

About „World of Coffee“

Whether you are eager to learn about emerging trends, key industry issues or the latest in equipment or services, explore and sample the latest products or discover exciting new innovations in the coffee market, this is a place to be.

Owned and organised by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), World of Coffee is the flagship event in the European coffee calendar now in its 16th year. The event brings thousands of coffee professionals and those from beyond the core coffee community from across the globe together for a three-day celebration of coffee each June.

If your interested find out more about SCAE’s plans for World of Coffee Dublin 2016 on: www.worldofcoffee-dublin.com

Textual sources: SCAE
Picture source: SCAE


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